Stocken Capital Sponsors Keiretsu’s Second Investment Forum in Valencia

Stocken Capital, as a company that supports entrepreneurship and the development of Spanish Startups, we find enormously gratifying to have been sponsors of the 2nd Investment Forum @Keiretsu Forum Comunitat Valenciana and Murcia in @ADEITUV on February 9th.

The 9 proposed companies have shown the great capacity for innovation and talent that we welcome in Spain, as well as the interest of the investment ecosystem with more than 120 registrations both in person and online.

For Stocken Capital it’s very important to be part of this type of initiatives that bring together the startup-small business world and the investor, where our technological-legal solution provides obvious solutions for both actors.

  • From the startups’ point of view, Stocken Capital is the key in the search for funding. We guarantee access to a transparent and agile integrated system of communication between all the partners of the company, founders and investors. We also have a mechanism that facilitates investment in them, whatever the amount and origin of the investor in a fully digital environment.
  • As far as investors are concerned, the Stocken Capital Marketplace provides great opportunities. The analysis of a company already presented by Stocken Capital clearly provides enormous reliability; in addition, at the time of investment, a very simple system for making contributions, investment control, communication with the other partners, decision making mechanisms in a completely digital way; and in addition, the availability of exiting the company either by transferring the shares to the other partners or to third parties directly through the Stocken Capital Marketplace.


From Stocken Capital we would like to thank Keiretsu Spain and, in particular, its delegation in Valencia and Adeituv, for all the work done. We look forward to the possibility of continuing to collaborate in future projects.